Ensure Each Student Counts:
An Attendance Accounting Workshop

SSC’s Attendance Accounting
Workshop is designed so that staff
at both administrative and school site levels have the ability to access training locally.

To bring this half-day
workshop to your county
office, school district, or charter school, contact:

Debbie Fry
Director, Management Consulting Services

Brianna García
Director, Management Consulting Services

Matt Phillips, CPA
Director, Management Consulting Services

School Services of California, Inc.
1121 L Street, Suite 1060
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-7517

About the Workshop

Funding received for students attending school is the most significant portion of a local educational agency’s (LEA) operating revenue. The state of California provides funding to LEAs based on actual attendance, not simply on the number of students enrolled. California laws and regulations are constantly evolving and these changes impact funding and local programs. This workshop will allow an LEA to build capacity within its  organization by expanding the number of employees trained in the various aspects of attendance accounting—from the gathering of the daily attendance data to the filing of the
required state reports.

This half-day workshop provides all the information necessary to enable school agencies to understand the compliance requirements of attendance accounting in order to minimize the risk of a reduction in state funding due to noncompliance.  Attendance accounting from the establishment of attendance and enrollment policies through the accounting and reporting  of attendance, good business practices, as well as areas to avoid will be covered.

Workshop Topics:

  • Average daily attendance (ADA) and enrollment
  • ADA for Independent Study
  • Concurrent enrollment ADA
  • Instructional time and calendar optimization
  • ADA for alternative programs
  • Attendance guidelines and regulations


Who Should Attend?
School districts, charter schools, and county offices of education are encouraged to bring a team, including school site staff, and administrative and fiscal personnel involved in attendance accounting, reporting and monitoring.


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