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Ron Bennett

Ronald W. Bennett

As CEO, Ron is responsible for leadership of SSC and brings a wealth of experience in public business and finance. He is also responsible for projects ranging from facilities issues to district organization and operation to factfinding and executive searches, as well as legislative services and strategic planning.

In addition to his leadership role at SSC, Ron is a recognized expert in the areas of collective bargaining, leadership development, school district governance, and financial management. He is involved in shaping the state's most critical public policy issues, but is also a key participant in resolving issues within school districts both large and small.

Ron is responsible for organizing and coordinating SSC's major professional development activities, including the annual School Finance and Management Conference, the Governor's Budget Workshop, and the May Revision Workshop. These venues offer the latest training and information available and assist school district leaders in the implementation of best practices.

He previously served as Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Superintendent in Long Beach, Fresno, and ABC Unified School Districts. As the chief business official, he was responsible for all business activities including accounting, budget, facilities, maintenance, computer services, food service, transportation, risk management, and purchasing. He was also responsible for the offices of grants and technology, state and federal programs, student services, internal audit, and the Fresno School for Adults (9,000 students). Long Beach and Fresno are the third and fourth largest school districts in California. Both had nearly 80,000 students, 8,500 employees, and $500 million budgets. Ron led Fresno to a major fiscal turnaround and established solid financial management systems. He also evaluated, selected, and implemented new instructional and administrative information systems in all of these districts. Ron has extensive experience in school facility policy and management and served as a Director of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing.

Ron's consulting experience includes participation in a Management Information and Financial Systems Review for the Oregon Department of Education, an Education Finance Reform Study for the Wyoming Legislature, and scores of school business engagements in California. He is sought out as a public speaker on education issues.

Raised in California, Ron earned his bachelor's of Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma and his master's in Business Administration from Michigan State University. He is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (inactive) in the state of Oklahoma.

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