Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations

SSC Clients: $99.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $99.00 per attendee

About the Workshop

As many districts struggle with time and budget constraints, School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) has made a commitment to provide some of its foundational workshops through various modes of delivery.  SSC hopes to make these workshops more accessible and meet the varying needs of school districts across California. As such, the “Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations” workshop is now available in both a face-to-face format and as an online offering. 

This workshop focuses on how to weave your way through the labyrinth of fiscal and program pitfalls that plague collective bargaining agreements. Working your way through the fiscal issues at the negotiating table is the cornerstone of any positive settlement, and this workshop focuses on management’s tools for successful fiscal conclusions.

The curriculum is planned so that it has new ideas for the experienced negotiator, as well as training for the newest participant on the management side of the table.

This “Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations” presentation is delivered by three experienced veterans of the negotiating table. Ron Bennett, CEO of SSC, has negotiated hundreds of collective bargaining agreements, been through numerous factfindings, and assisted in resolving several teacher strike situations. John Gray, SSC’s President, has settled numerous difficult negotiations and dozens of factfindings. Matt Phillips, SSC Director and CPA, has served as a panel member and presented fact findings on behalf of local educational agencies. Their comments, stories, and curriculum make this workshop a must for every superintendent, chief business official, chief negotiator, chief human resources officer, and member of the district negotiating team.


The cost of the workshop is $99 per viewer.

We encourage you to view a demonstration of the workshop on our website. The demo includes an introduction to the workshop and an actual lesson from the workshop. Go to for the demonstration.

Access/Registration Instructions

To access the workshop, you’ll need an SSC account. If you don’t already have one, go to login.cfm?action=assign and enter your district email address. You’ll then receive a password, which will allow access to the client-only portions of our website.

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Workshop Topics

  • Pricing proposals and translating the costs into table language  
  • Understanding the key aspects of the Educational Employment Relations Act 
  • Negotiating health benefits when costs go through the roof 
  • The role of the chief business official in negotiations—what’s a fair expectation 
  • Negotiation pitfalls and management mistakes 
  • Preparing for negotiations, mediation, factfinding, and the conflicts of impasse
  • Responding to the legal obligations for financial disclosure and certification by K-12 school districts
  • Explaining the practical application of multiyear projections
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SSC Clients: $99.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $99.00 per attendee