The True Cost of Pension Reform
Local educational agencies (LEAs) in the state of California have been grappling with the increasing cost pressures that resulted from the acknowledgement that both the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) and California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) hav...
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Special Education: Both Sides of the Equation
April 2018

General Fund contributions towards special education have been on the rise, recently nearing 60% of total expenditures, making effective resource management not only desirable but essential. State and federal revenues for special education do not provide adequate resources, so local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to make up the difference.

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May Revision Workshop
May 2018

The May Revision is a statutorily required action by the Administration every year, but this will be the last year for Governor Jerry Brown to recast his January State Budget proposals and present new proposals in view of a revised revenue outlook and stakeholder feedback. The May Revision Workshop will incorporate the results of revised revenue estimates, finalize the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) provisions for 2018-19, incorporate any revisions of our accountability system, and revise the  out-year estimates for LCFF funding for your multiyear projections.

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Associated Student Body

NOTE: As of May 2017 the content of this workshop has been verified as current (we periodically review our online workshops to ensure relevancy and applicability to current requirements and practices).

The number one area for findings in an audit report are those in the area of Associated Student Body (ASB). It is critical that district- and site-level staff receive training in this area on a regular basis to ensure that the district, as well as the employees, are being protected.

This online format will allow school agencies to build capacity within their organizations by expanding the number of employees that receive training who are involved in the handling of ASB funds.

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Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations

As many districts struggle with time and budget constraints, School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) has made a commitment to provide some of its foundational workshops through various modes of delivery.  SSC hopes to make these workshops more accessible and meet the varying needs of school districts across California. As such, the “Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations” workshop is now available in both a face-to-face format and as an online offering.

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