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The state of California provides funding to school agencies based on actual attendance, which indicates that school agencies do not receive funding for students who are not in school. The funding received for students attending school is a significant portion of school agencies’ operating revenue. California school agencies have been hit hard by the economic downturn and any adjustments to funding, no matter how small, can be significant. The importance of understanding the regulations for attendance is at an all-time high. There is too much at stake—academic achievement and funding.

The California statutes have changed over time and they evolved to what we have today. As a result, the changes impact funding and programs locally. Not all school agencies serve the same population of students, so the needs differ from one district to another and in some cases quite drastically.

This workshop will allow district and school site staff the capability to be able to view the workshop from their office without any travel. This format will allow the school agencies to build capacity within its organization by expanding the number of employees that receive training who are involved in all aspects of attendance accounting, from the gathering of the daily attendance data to the filing of the required state reports.

This workshop provides the information necessary to enable school agencies to understand the compliance requirements of attendance accounting in order to minimize the risk of a reduction in state funding due to noncompliance.


  • Average Daily Attendance (ADA) and Enrollment
  • Compulsory Education Requirements
  • Instructional Time
  • ADA for Alternative Programs
  • Attendance Guidelines and Regulations


Ann Hern, Director, Management Consulting Services, Michele A. Huntoon, CPA, Associate Vice President, and Lewis Wiley, Jr., Director, Management Consulting Services, discuss Attendance Accounting from the establishment of attendance and enrollment policies through the accounting and reporting of attendance and good business practices, as well as areas to avoid when problems exists.


The cost of the workshop is $99 for an individual registration. We offer a discount on a sliding scale for multiple enrollments. If you are interested, please notify us for more information. We encourage you to view a demonstration of the workshop on our website. The demo includes an introduction to the workshop and an actual lesson from the workshop. Go to


To access the workshop, you’ll need an SSC account. If you don’t already have one, go to and enter your district email address. You’ll then receive a password, which will allow access to the client-only portions of our website. Register for the workshop online at After registering, a link to the workshop will be emailed to you and will be available on your MySSC page. Then you may view the workshop at your leisure. You can also access the workshop directly by going to

$99 per attendee

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January 31, 2013    
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