Cash Flow - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Over the past decade, California has made its cash problem your problem! While California's economy is slowly recovering, billions of dollars in deferrals layered upon school districts and county  offices will continue to make it challenging to manage budgets and cash flow. This workshop will offer solutions to rein in the bad and the ugly of cash flow. It will provide methods to improve  forecasting cash flow, as well as clear explanations of complex processes and practical examples for improving and implementing cash flow models. This workshop will also provide districts and counties with the tools they need in a year that is far from normal to evaluate and analyze current cash needs  and improve practices to meet those needs. Join us in finding the good among the bad and the ugly.


  • How the state cash flow process and decisions impact us at the local level
  • Provisions of the State Budget and legislation that impact school district cash flow and specific deferrals
  • Cash flow—concepts and standards for cash recognition in school districts—“the rules”
  • Strategies for cash analysis—tools and processes that can be  used to develop strong cash flow models
  • Effective cash management—reviewing and interpreting cash  projections for management decision making
  • Recognizing and avoiding trouble—signs and symptoms of cash shortages
  • Cash is king—what happens when you run out of cash?
  • If your district has a California address, you need this workshop!

Presented by Sheila Vickers, Vice President; and
Jeff Bell, Director, Management Consulting Services.


$175 for SSC Clients
$275 for nonclients

SSC Clients:

$175 per attendee
$275 per attendee

Program Begins:
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Dates and Locations
March 13, 2013   Orange County Department of Education  
March 19, 2013   Fresno County Office of Education  
March 20, 2013   Yolo County Office of Education  
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