May Revision Workshop


As expected, 2013-14 is shaping up to be yet again, another  interesting year for school administration and finance. This  workshop provides the information needed to close the books for  2012-13 and to finalize the district budget for 2013-14, which is assured to be chock full of last minute changes as we continue through these tumultuous times. The May Revision is a statutorily required action by the Administration and is an opportunity for the Governor to recast his Budget proposals and present new  proposals in view of a revised revenue outlook. We expect it to  incorporate the results of revised revenues, finalize the cost-of-living adjustment (if there is one) and deficit factors for 2013-14, and present the progress of the state toward balancing the State Budget.

We provide a revised SSC Dartboard, updated per-pupil revenue amounts, and planning factors for the out years. Additionally, as always, we provide the latest information on programs, finance, and collective bargaining. A major focus this year will be on what resources will be provided to education and what flexibility will continue to be afforded to education as we close in on K-3 Class-Size Reduction going away and the rest of program flexibility  going away in a year after that. Is the weighted student formula the answer? Another big issue facing school agencies falls in the area of cash flow and cash management. The financial woes of the state have been pushed to the local level to manage, and we will provide updated information on cash flow, deferrals, and cash management. With the passage of Proposition 30, temporary taxes are available to the state; whether education will share in the new revenues remains to be seen.

There is no question that this workshop will be invaluable to you. We have continued our practice of offering low pricing of $135 and again will hold the workshop in multiple locations over multiple days to allow attendance at the most convenient time for you.

We recommend attendance by Board Members,  Superintendents, Chief Business Officials, and school business professionals, as well as human resources, education, and other district and county office policy makers. These workshops are sponsored by the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team. See you there!


$135 for SSC Clients
$235 for nonclients

SSC Clients:

$135 per attendee
$235 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:

Dates and Locations
May 20, 2013   Sacramento Hyatt Regency  
May 20, 2013   Ontario Convention Center - FULL  
May 20, 2013   San Jose Holiday Inn  
May 21, 2013   San Diego Hilton Mission Valley  
May 21, 2013   Kern County Office of Education - FULL  
May 21, 2013   Redding Holiday Inn  
May 22, 2013   Santa Barbara County Office of Education - FULL  
May 22, 2013   Sonoma County Office of Education - FULL  
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