Tips, Tricks, and Tools of Charter School Oversight

About the Workshop

Effective oversight results in successful charter schools that provide a high-quality education for students. With the number of charter schools in California increasing each year, traditional school agencies need to be prepared to work collaboratively with charter schools. Clear and objective oversight provides both charter schools and authorizing agencies an overview of effective operations in order to help spur improvement.

While state law provides charter schools with a great deal of flexibility, it is more prescriptive with a local educational agency’s (LEA) oversight responsibilities. State law provides that a charter school petition cannot be denied unless certain findings are made, that a charter school cannot be revoked unless a specified process is followed, and that a charter school must be located within the geographic boundaries of its authorizing LEA. This workshop will help LEAs meet these and other oversight responsibilities. It will  provide tips and tools to help more effectively oversee charter schools, including the fiscal, academic, and operational functions.

In addition, understanding Proposition 39 (2000) facilities requests can be a daunting task, and as a school district, effectively managing facilities to include charter schools can be a challenge. This workshop will help school districts better strategize how they can meet the facilities needs of charter schools while still maintaining needed facilities for district programs. It will also provide attendees with a detailed explanation of the statutorily mandated Proposition 39 (2000) facilities request process, as well as tips on how to adequately prepare to manage this process.

Given the timelines included within statute for many of the oversight responsibilities, LEAs must be aware of their obligations under current law and develop appropriate policies and procedures. Employees charged with the oversight of charter schools and those working with charter schools wishing to access district facilities under Proposition 39 (2000) should attend this workshop. 

Presented by:

Brianna Garcia, Director, Management Consulting Services
Kathleen Spencer, Director, Management Consulting Services

SSC Clients:

$205 per attendee
$305 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
February 28, 2017   Fresno County Office of Education  
March 02, 2017   Santa Clara County Office of Education  
March 03, 2017   Ventura County Office of Education/Conference & Educational Services Center  
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