Unraveling the Mystery of School Finance

About the Workshop

Never before have educational leaders in California been provided such an opportunity to leverage our state funding for the programs and services that we value the most at the local level. Most of the categorical programs of the past have been combined into supplemental/concentration grants that can have broad application to support our children with the greatest needs. And, after several years of significant funding increases, today’s decisions are even more critical as revenues flatten and resources for ongoing programs become more scarce.

The leaders who have the greatest success with this model are the ones who best understand its challenges and opportunities. The purpose of this workshop is to take the complexities of school finance and distill them so that superintendents and other top administrators of local educational agencies (LEAs) can use financial nformation for improved policy decisions. With many decades of experience in school agency finance and  overnance, top experts from the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) and School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) have teamed up to bring this must-attend event for school agency nonfinancial administrators.

Workshop Content 

The format of this three-hour workshop is specifically designed for superintendents and top administrators to focus on the critical aspects of understanding your LEA’s finances in order to improve policy decision making.

Topics include:

  • A planning and budget development cycle that fosters the connection from educational goals and strategies in the Local Control and Accountability Plan to budget items
  • Determining a healthy reserve and communicating about reserves to stakeholders
  • Understanding multiyear financial projections and evaluating your financial status
  • How to plan for staffing needs and the budget impact of staffing decisions
  • Using a fair share approach to collective bargaining
  • Monitoring and controlling the budget to avoid surprises
  • Best observed practices in school financial management and how to stay out of trouble


Michael Fine, Chief Executive Officer (FCMAT)
Michelle Giacomini, Chief Management Analyst (FCMAT)
John Gray, President (SSC)
Sheila Vickers, Vice President (SSC)

SSC Clients:

$200 per attendee
$300 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
October 04, 2017   Yolo County Office of Education  
October 05, 2017   Orange County Department of Education  
October 12, 2017   Fresno County Office of Education  
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