Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations Workshop

About the Workshop

Local educational agency negotiations are increasingly complex. The stakes have never been higher as an unprecedented amount of funds have been allocated to K-12 education in the state of California. Implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the infusion of supplemental and concentration grant funds, increased pension obligations, and cost-of-living adjustments that fall short of increased demands on base funding make preparing for negotiations more challenging and more important than ever.

As a prelude to our Advanced Collective Bargaining Workshop, School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) is proud to present the Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations Workshop. This workshop focuses on steps for preparation as you weave your way through the labyrinth of fiscal and program pitfalls that plague collective bargaining agreements. Having the ability to work your way through the fiscal issues at the negotiating table is the cornerstone of any positive settlement, and this workshop focuses on management’s tools for successful fiscal conclusions.

The workshop contains new ideas for the experienced negotiator, as well as training for the newest participant on the management side of the table.

Workshop Topics:

  • Understanding the key aspects of the Educational Employment Relations Act
  • Understanding the components of the LCFF
  • Preparing for negotiations, mediation, factfinding, and the conflicts of impasse
  • Pricing proposals and translating the costs into table language
  • The role of the chief business official in negotiations—what's a fair expectation
  • Negotiation pitfalls and management mistakes

Presented By:

Matt Phillips, Director, Management Consulting Services

Suzanne Speck, Vice President 

To bring this workshop to your district or county office, please call Suzanne Speck or Matt Phillips at (916) 446-7517 or email Suzanne at

SSC Clients:

$215 per attendee
$315 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
August 23, 2017   Santa Clara County Office of Education  
August 24, 2017   Orange County Department of Education  
August 29, 2017   Yolo County Office of Education  
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