Kathleen Spencer Vice President

Kathleen Spencer, Vice President, has been with SSC since 2006 and works with school districts, charter schools, county offices of education, and community colleges to implement effective and efficient operations through innovative strategies. Kathleen brings almost a decade of experience working with local educational agencies in strengthening operations and resource management through organizational reviews, shared services and efficiency studies, budget reviews, comparative analyses of school district resources and staffing, total compensation studies, and facilities reviews. Kathleen also works with charter schools and LEA oversight agencies to strengthen communication and oversight strategies. Specializing in the impacts of federal healthcare reform and the demands on employers to provide cost-effective and legally-compliant benefits, Kathleen speaks at conference statewide to highlight the challenges and opportunities resulting from these changes in law. Kathleen also provides negotiations support to LEAs and has prepared and presented many school district factfinding cases, resulting in positive and improved labor relations for both the LEA and employee group.

Kathleen received her Bachelors degree from California State University, Sacramento, focusing on social sciences and research, and provides strong analytical, communication, and program management skills.