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School Services of California Inc. (SSC) conducts more searches for qualified Chief Business Officials (CBOs) and Human Resources (HR) executives for California school agencies than anyone in the state of California. Our Executive Search Services include, but are not limited to, search and recruitment services for the following positions:

  • Deputy Superintendent for Administrative Services
  • Assistant Superintendent for Business or Human Resources
  • Chief Financial Officer or Chief Business Official
  • Chief Human Resources Officer

SSC’s close relationship with local educational agencies (LEAs) throughout the state and their participation in and support of numerous certification and training programs gives the firm the ability to search for and recruit the most effective school professionals available. The SSC team manages the search process in collaboration with the client district, charter school, and/or county office of education. It is a customized service responding to the needs of the governing board and the superintendent to ensure leadership in these essential positions. By focusing search and recruitment expertise on specific needs of the LEA, SSC is able to identify the best LEA and candidate matches available. In addition, recruitment and interview support is provided through our Recruitment and Selection Support Services, which includes all levels of business services and HR management positions.

If you would like more information on our Executive Search or Recruitment and Selection Support Services, please contact Danyel Conolley.

Our Search Advisors

Danyel Conolley
Associate Vice President

John Gray
President and CEO

Sarah Niemann, EdD
Director, Management Consulting Services

Leilani Aguinaldo
Director, Governmental Relations

Kathleen Spencer
Vice President

Linette Hodson
Director, Management Consulting Services




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