Governor’s Budget Workshop—Attending In-Person and Virtually

Dartboard for 2022-23 Proposed State Budget Now Available

Additional Details for the Staffing Shortage Executive Order

An Overview of the 2022–23 Governor’s Budget Proposals

Dollars and Cents of Collective Bargaining Webinar Series

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January 18 - 19, 21, 2022

Governor's Budget Workshop

In January, Governor Gavin Newsom will present his fourth State Budget, after having successfully defeated the 2021 recall. California’s rebounding economy fueled the “California Comeback Plan,” which will be hard to top as Governor Newsom once again campaigns to keep his job through re-election in November 2022. Just as the 2020–21 and 2021–22 State Budgets were shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic . . .
February 8, 2022
February 10, 2022

Dollars and Cents of Collective Bargaining Webinar Series

About the Webinar On the heels of a five percent cost-of-living adjustment and an historical level of one-time resources, local educational agencies (LEAs) are navigating the numerous reporting deadlines, and new plans in the face of declining enrollment with one primary fiscal
February 22, 2022

Virtual Learning Through Independent Study Webinar

About the Webinar School agencies continue to adjust to California’s significantly reformed laws for independent study programs and meet growing student demands for comprehensive, rigorous, and high-quality virtual learning options. This workshop will demystify the state’s
March 22, 2022
March 24, 2022

Charter Schools—A Webinar Series

About the Webinar The last several years have brought a number of changes in charter school law and practices. The Charter School webinar series will provide attendees the basics from which to build a strong foundation of charter school law and regulations—from what is required
April 5, 2022
April 7, 2022

The Audit Challenge—A Webinar Series

About the Webinar The 2021-22 fiscal year has been full of programmatic changes with the introduction of independent study, federal stimulus reporting, and a plethora of other state categoricals. The Audit Challenge webinar will provide up-to-date information on audit regulations
April 12, 2022
April 14, 2022

Employee Complaints and Investigations—A Webinar Series

About the Webinar Employment litigation is a huge and growing problem in California. Employee complaints require immediate action by the employer to ensure a safe and healthy workplace, reduce legal expenses, and safeguard scarce resources. This includes taking steps to stop any
April 19, 2022

SACS 101—Budget Development Webinar

About the Webinar The Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) and School Services of California Inc. are teaming up to provide an in-depth training on the Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS)—the required software for budget development. The training will walk
May 10, 2022
May 12, 2022

Construction Basics and Accounting—A Webinar Series

About the Webinar It is critical that school agencies understand the basics of school construction and funding before they embark on facilities projects. Facilities projects require the establishment of facilities-specific fiscal processes and tracking to ensure that public
May 17, 2022
May 19, 2022

Employee Attendance and Leave Management Webinar Series

About the Webinar Local educational agencies must ensure that the tracking and monitoring of employee attendance and leaves protects employee rights under federal and state law, board policies, and locally negotiated labor agreements. Due to the potential fiscal impacts of