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Special Education Investments—Making a Dent?

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LAO Warns Budget Estimates Optimistic — An Interview

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July 20, 2023

School Finance Conference

In the midst of what is the greatest uncertainty for the California economy and State Budget, it is critical that district and school agency leaders are informed about state-level education finance and policy decisions impacting local programs. This year’s May Revision has . . .
August 15, 2023

LCFF 101—For Beginners

All local educational agencies need to build capacity as new employees work to ensure continuity of services. In addition, both new and veteran staff need to understand the changes brought by . . .
September 12, 2023

Advanced Collective Bargaining

Local educational agency (LEA) management bargaining teams can expect salary demands in 2023-24 to exceed the new revenues being provided by the state. While per-pupil funding provided by the Local Control Funding Formula is . . .
October 24, 2023

Human Resources Operations

The human resources (HR) department’s core function is to recruit, develop, and retain employee resources to support instructional and operational objectives of the local educational agency (LEA). The statewide staffing shortages have . . .
October 31, 2023

Unraveling the Mystery of School Finance

This webinar takes the complexities of school finance and presents them using examples so superintendents, assistant superintendents for educational programs, and other administrators of local educational agencies can . . .
November 7, 2023

Position Control—The Fundamentals

Personnel expenditures, on average, account for nearly 80-85% of total costs for most local educational agencies, which should make the management of position control a top priority in maintaining fiscal solvency. This technical training will provide . . .
November 14, 2023

Effective Supervision and Evaluation

Employee supervision and evaluation involve a process of active and ongoing exchanges between a supervisor and an employee in support of accomplishing the objectives of the local educational agency (LEA). Due to restrictive . . .
December 5, 2023

Planning for Reductions in Force

Declining enrollment, attendance rates, falling unduplicated pupil percentages, and the expiration of programs funded with one-time dollars will find local educational agencies (LEAs) needing to execute . . .