School Services of California Inc. (SSC) provides information and updates regarding school finance, legislation, and issues affecting operations and management through a variety of publications.

Fiscal Report

As the cornerstone of School Services of California's (SSC’s) integrated services, the Fiscal Report provides timely updates on issues affecting the finances and management of K–12 school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education. This essential resource keeps clients informed of the status and potential ramifications of impending state government actions, both legislative and regulatory, as well as state apportionments, court decisions, elections, and other education-impacting events.

With email notifications sent directly to your inbox, the Fiscal Report is just one facet of SSC's fiscal service. Clients also receive one-on-one assistance with fiscal, business, and legislative questions. In most cases, clients receive immediate answers over the phone or via e-mail through the “Ask SSC” online function. If a question requires more research, SSC relies on a broad range of in-house expertise, research materials, and personal contacts for quick follow-up and response.

As part of the Fiscal Report services, SSC clients receive a bank of consulting hours that can be used for selected SSC services. Additionally, clients receive discounted "client rates" on numerous other SSC products, publications, conferences, and workshops.

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Community College Update

A vital resource for community college clients, SSC's Community College Update delivers timely and useful information on fiscal and policy issues. The Community College Update features in-depth articles on topics such as the State Budget, Proposition 98 allocations, capital outlay, Lottery estimates, bonds, student fee questions, and much more. The Community College Update contains summaries and analyses of all major legislation that has an impact on community colleges.

In addition, the Community College Update tracks actions of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, the State Chancellor's Office, and other state regulatory agencies that affect community colleges.

SSC also provides community colleges with consulting support that is strengthened by a direct link to governmental policy actions. This assistance is tailored to specific client needs concerning legislative, fiscal, management, and business matters.

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School Funding and Accountability in California: A Guide to School Finance - 2023 Edition


The only book devoted to California’s unique public school finance system has been updated to reflect the progression of the relatively new funding model for K-12 education, as well as other new and modified major programs. This edition explains the Local Control Funding Formula for school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education, and delineates how the funding formula ties to the educational planning document—the Local Control and Accountability Plan. In addition, a general history of school finance in California and explanations of Proposition 98 are provided, along with explanations of funding for special education programs, charter schools, federal programs, and other major state programs. The 2023 edition includes COVID-19-related funding streams, new one-time and ongoing resources, and other related changes. 

This book is filled with practical information to assist local educational agency officials with understanding and leveraging the various revenue sources in support of services for students. The analyses in this book will help foster understanding of current and future trends in school finance, including the key factors affecting future Proposition 98 funding. The 2023 edition of School Funding and Accountability in California will prove an invaluable school finance reference, training, and planning manual throughout the year.

Detailed enough to be of use to the most experienced practitioner, yet clear enough for the new- comer to the field, this book is essential for everyone interested in California school finance. The expertise of the entire SSC team has gone into making this book the authoritative work on school finance in California.

COST: $59.99 per copy (Kindle and Paperback versions available)