California Department of Education

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California Basic Education Data System (CBEDS) CBEDS is a collection of data from California public schools (K-12) including information on student enrollment.
California Department of Education (CDE) The Core Purpose of the California Department of Education is to lead and support the continuous improvement of student achievement with a specific focus on closing achievement gaps.
California School Recognition Program (CSRP) A must-read for all potential Distinguished Schools.
CDE Organization CDE's directory of branches and divisions.
Charter Schools Information on funding grants, laws and regulations, legislation, and assessment issues related to charter schools.
Teaching and Learning Links to many major programs.
DataQuest DataQuest lets you create your own reports on California's Academic Performance Index (API), enrollment, graduation rates, and other information.
Driver Education Questions and answers regarding drivers education programs.
Education Code Waiver Process For general and specific waiver requests as well as the process for requesting waivers from the State Board of Education.
Education Data Partnership Ed-Data's site provides an interactive database with financial demographic and performance information for each California school school district and county.
Financial and Accounting Information CDE's financial and salary data at the state county and district levels.
Fiscal and Administrative Services Division Provides high-quality fiscal and administrative services to the California Department of Education, fiscal support to child development and nutrition programs, and fiscal expertise to local, state, and federal agencies.
Funding Opportunities A partial list of funding opportunities available from the Curriculum and Instructional Leadership (CIL) Branch.
Office of School Transportation Links to news training programs legislation and regulations regarding school transportation.
Principal Apportionments Information regarding past and upcoming apportionments including attendance forms charter school block grant worksheets and a calendar of key deadlines for coming apportionments.
Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA) This CDE site contains information pertaining to the PSAA including STAR and API data. Also lists schools eligible for inclusion in the Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program (II/USP).
Safe Schools and Violence Prevention Many resources to promote safe schools.
School Facilities Planning Division For links to field services child care facilities year-round education and much more.
Special Education Division Many resources for special education from administration to laws regulations and policies to quality assurance process.
Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) You'll find account codes and principles, software and downloadable files, and information on training.