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Expanded Learning Time Grant Proposal Details Released

On January 19, 2021, the Department of Finance released the draft language for Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed Expanded Learning Time and Academic Intervention Grants (Expanded Learning Grants). The grants were included in the 2021–22 Governor’s Budget that was released earlier this month (see “Governor’s Proposals for the 2021–22 State Budget and K–12 Education” in the January 2021 Fiscal Report). 

Governor Newsom proposes using $4.6 billion one-time Proposition 98 funds to support academic achievement by expanding instructional time and providing targeted academic intervention, with priority for vulnerable students. Local educational agencies (LEAs) would receive $1,000 for each of their homeless students that are enrolled this school year. After funding state special schools, remaining dollars would be allocated to LEAs in proportion to their Local Control Funding Formula entitlement, using 2020–21 First Principal Apportionment data for this calculation. Included below is a tool that provides each LEA’s estimated grant amount using 2019–20 Second Principal Apportionment data since data for 2020–21 is not yet available. Grants would be distributed in equal portions in March and July 2021, and funds would be available for expenditure through June 30, 2022.

As proposed, the Expanded Learning Grants may be used for various strategies to accelerate learning and address student needs, such as extended learning time, professional development, programs to address social-emotional learning, and access to school meals. While no application would be required to access the grants, LEAs must complete a new addendum to their 2021–22 Local Control and Accountability Plan that describes how the funds are used. A template would be available through the California Department of Education by March 1, 2021, and LEA governing boards must adopt the addendum by June 1, 2021.

The Newsom Administration has indicated that they have asked the Legislature to expedite consideration of the Expanded Learning Grants so that they are finalized in advance of the normal State Budget process. We will share updates on the proposal as it proceeds through the Legislature.