Charter Schools - A Three Part Series (On Demand)

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Charter Petition 101

The first webinar in the series presents the basics of charter schools. Charter Petition 101 explains who can authorize charter schools and the elements required for a complete charter petition under the recent changes in law. The webinar provides information on the petition review process, including the new review timeline, and covers the recent changes to law that dictate which charter schools can and cannot be renewed/denied, as well as the length of time for renewals. It is important that LEAs reviewing charter petitions clearly understand what is required for approval and denial and this webinar provides a solid foundation.

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Charter School Oversight
The second webinar in the series offers guidance to ensure that school districts and county offices provide clear and objective oversight, so that charter schools can provide high-quality education for students. While state law provides charter schools with a great deal of flexibility, it is more prescriptive with an authorizing agency’s oversight responsibilities. This webinar gives authorizing agencies information on how to meet their oversight responsibilities—particularly in light of the recent changes in law—and provides tips and tools to help more effectively oversee charter schools, including the fiscal, academic, and operational functions. It also provides a clear and concise synopsis of the recently enacted laws affecting charter schools—many in effect now or July 1, 2020.

Charter Schools and Facilities
With the number of students in California charter schools encompassing approximately 10% of the total student population, there is an ever present pressure for adequate school facilities. The third webinar offers information on the new geographic limitations and a detailed step-by-step process for school districts to provide charter schools facilities through Proposition 39 (2000), so that charter schools and school districts can better understand their obligations and options. Identifying and understanding facilities options can be a daunting task and the legislation passed in 2019, placing new limits on where charter schools can be located, could make this more challenging for both charter schools and school districts working to effectively manage facilities, while accommodating charter schools.

About the Workshop

Local educational agencies (LEAs) must be aware of their obligations under current law and develop appropriate policies and procedures. These obligations changed dramatically in 2019 with the passage of numerous bills aimed at providing greater accountability, transparency, and oversight of charter schools. Both charter schools and traditional school agencies need to be familiar with the revised processes, requirements, and timelines involved in charter school approvals/denials as well as ongoing operations and oversight.

School Services of California Inc. (SSC) recently held a three-part online series to help LEAs meet their oversight responsibilities, evaluate new and renewal petitions for charter schools, and understand the ways in which charter schools can access facilities. For employees charged with the review of charter petitions, oversight of charter schools, or those working with charter schools wishing to access district facilities under Proposition 39 (2000), the webinars provided a wealth of information.

SSC is now making the three, prerecorded webinars (with additional resources) available to watch on demand through February 1, 2021.

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SSC Clients: $295.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $295.00 per attendee