Effective Supervision and Evaluation Webinar Series


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Costs and times
SSC Clients: $275.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $550.00 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 10:30 AM
Suzanne Speck Executive Vice President
Danyel Conolley Director, Management Consulting Services

About the Webinar

Supervision and evaluation are an ongoing process of active exchanges between a supervisor and an employee in support of accomplishing the objectives of the local educational agency (LEA). Due to restrictive statutory regulations and contractual obligations, evaluation processes and disciplinary proceedings for LEAs are commonly focused on procedures, the “what,” versus the "how" of engaging with employees to produce positive outcomes. 

A narrow focus on the mechanics of employee engagement can stifle the human resources (HR) department’s ability to effectively manage employees. This is especially the case with employees who are struggling in their ability to meet the standards and expectations of their job. Supervision and evaluation have different purposes and outcomes, but are complimentary. This webinar series will focus on HR’s statutory responsibilities related to evaluation and discipline, integrated with best leadership practices that focus on employee engagement and outcomes.

Webinar presenters have a depth of experience managing employees in LEA HR departments at various levels, and will share various tools, templates, and procedures to help LEA leaders deal with challenging employee issues. Attendees will also be added to the SSC HR Listserv for networking opportunities with other LEA HR professionals and to receive new information as it unfolds. 

Who Should Attend?

This two-part webinar will focus on statutory requirements regarding evaluation and discipline, supervisory and leadership practices, and communication tools and best practices for HR administrators as well as other site and department leadership staff to effectively manage employees. 

Dates and Times:

Part 1: October 26, 2021, 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Part 2: October 28, 2021, 9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m.

Fee Includes Both Webinars


Webinar Topics

  • An overview of performance evaluation tools and effective practices for each school employee classification from the field practitioner perspective
  • Statutory evaluation requirements for certificated employees—and procedural advice for classified employee evaluations
  • Effective leader engagement actions and management of employee performance 
  • Employee supervision—leadership practices that encourage professional growth and development
  • How to interrupt poor performance in the workplace and set the tone for productivity
  • Creating legally defensible documentation
  • A discussion of when to implement the different levels of discipline and an overview of statutory regulations involving employee discipline
Location Details
SSC Clients: $275.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $550.00 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 10:30 AM