Human Resources Leadership

Costs and times
SSC Clients: $195.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $390.00 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 11:00 AM
Suzanne Speck Executive Vice President
Danyel Conolley Director, Management Consulting Services

Current workplace trends reflect an environment of transitional change, which pressures human resources (HR) departments to flex operations to meet the demands of the workforce. Shifting student and operational needs require local educational agency (LEA) HR departments to be nimble in operational practices to serve their school community, which is difficult in an environment requiring statutory compliance and limited resources.

The HR leadership role is complicated and leaders, both experienced and new to the responsibility of managing the HR function, are challenged to overcome the operational obstacles that frequent an LEA’s HR office. This interactive webinar addresses three core factors in an HR department: organizational structure and position function, staff training and developing capacity, and procedures and communication through the lens of change management. Webinar topics will assist HR leaders in diagnosing operational inefficiencies, evaluating HR department systems, and influencing change to encourage a dynamic and effective HR function. 

This webinar covers essential HR operations and staffing with a focus on leadership practices to effectively manage the HR department. Webinar presenters have a depth in experience managing LEA HR departments at various levels and influencing change management for operational efficiencies. HR professionals in leadership roles, including key HR staff are encouraged to attend.

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Webinar Topics

  • Evaluating organizational structures and position assignment 
  • Assessing workload and staffing levels
  • Staff training and building capacity
  • Conducting effective meetings and communication practices
  • Change management practices
  • The HR executive leadership role: the Governing Board and the Superintendent
  • Strategic activities that address personnel issues
Location Details
May 9, 2023
SSC Clients: $195.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $390.00 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 11:00 AM