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LCFF 101—For Beginners (2023)


This workshop is not open for registration.

Costs and times
SSC Clients: $275 per attendee
Non-clients: $550 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 12:00 PM
Brianna García Vice President
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Wendi McCaskill Director, Management Consulting Services

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is the largest source of unrestricted revenue for most local educational agencies (LEAs). In spite of proposed increases to LCFF funding, many school agencies are facing declining enrollment and average daily attendance, and cost increases that exceed projected revenue growth. All LEAs need to build capacity as new employees work to ensure continuity of services. In addition, both new and veteran staff need to understand the changes brought by recent statutory amendments—like the soon-to-be implemented LCFF Equity Multiplier.  In light of regulatory requirements, and in concert with the Local Control and Accountability Plan, LEAs need to ensure that LCFF revenues are being appropriately calculated and managed. This webinar will help address those needs with a focus on understanding the fundamentals for attendees with a limited background in school finance.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide attendees with the tools needed to appropriately calculate and manage LCFF revenues, including the key elements of the LCFF and a step-by-step explanation of the funding provisions. Operational issues related to managing the LCFF are covered, as well as multiyear financial planning.

Who Should Attend?

Business and fiscal services staff, as well as other school staff who have a desire to grow professionally—whether new to school business or with a limited background in school finance. This webinar provides attendees with a solid understanding of the largest funding source for the majority of educational agencies in California.

Cancellation Policy

Understanding how the LCFF affects operations is important for a number of reasons:

  • Effective stakeholder engagement requires clear communication of complex budgetary and operational information
  • LEAs must meet their minimum proportionality percentage, which many may find challenging
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements mandates a deep awareness of the flexibility and limitations for determining the use of base grant, supplemental, and concentration grant funds
  • Meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements of the LCFF is crucial, especially when considering the need to effectively manage the commitment of funds at the bargaining table
Location Details
SSC Clients: $275 per attendee
Non-clients: $550 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 12:00 PM