Maintenance of Effort Monitoring—Beyond the Basics Webinar Series


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Costs and times
SSC Clients: $275.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $550.00 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 10:30 AM
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Anjanette Pelletier Director, Management Consulting Services
Linettte Hodson
Linette Hodson Director, Management Consulting Services
Mark Curtis, San Diego COE Special Education Financial Expert

Two-Part Webinar Series

To be eligible to receive federal special education revenue, each local educational agency (LEA) must meet requirements regarding maintaining expenditures to support programs for students with disabilities, which is referred to as maintenance of effort (MOE). LEAs across the state must now carefully consider the impact of expenditure decisions and allocation of revenue on the MOE obligation.

As LEAs focus on inclusive practices, equity considerations, and utilizing one-time revenues, regular monitoring of the MOE obligation is critically important. Special education expenditures should be monitored frequently to ensure compliance and eligibility requirements are met, and that LEAs take advantage of opportunities for MOE management when appropriate.

LEAs and SELPAs (Special Education Local Plan Areas) should together ensure timely monitoring of MOE status, documentation of elements for reporting, and compliance and eligibility for federal funds. This online webinar series will provide SELPA and LEA teams strategies for managing the MOE obligation will be shared, along with tools for completing MOE spot checks throughout the year. Attendees will receive tips and tools to assist them with strategy and actions to maximize fiscal options related to MOE.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for SELPA leaders, fiscal staff supporting SELPA and LEA special education, special education directors, county office fiscal staff. Teams are encouraged to attend.

Webinar Topics

  • Overview of MOE
  • Federal requirements and definitions
  • State and local revenues and expenditure coding
  • Tools for monitoring MOE
  • Allowable exemptions and required documentation
  • MOE forms and annual reporting
  • Considerations for indirect cost and Program Cost Resource Allocation charges
  • Local decisions that impact MOE
  • SELPA flexibility to support MOE 
  • Setting a schedule of local collaboration and communication
Location Details
SSC Clients: $275.00 per attendee
Non-clients: $550.00 per attendee
Program Begins: 9:00 AM
Program Ends: 10:30 AM