Management Consulting

School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) professional staff is always available to lend its extensive range of expertise to school agencies confronted by particular challenges. Whether facing internal budget control issues, organizational demands, business office staffing concerns, or unification issues, SSC's consultants bring with them both experience and the ability to recognize the uniqueness of every situation. Below are descriptions of some of SSC's Management Consulting Services.

A Wide Array of Management Services 

SSC can respond to a wide array of management issues and stands ready to assist in the diagnosis of need and development of a successful improvement plan. Here is a sampling of some of the recent services provided to client districts:

A Review of the LCAP Engagement Practices [Top]

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is the cornerstone of the state’s new accountability system and is built upon the guiding principles of subsidiarity and transparency. These principles, while admirable, are elusive and mired in controversy. Yet, local educational agencies (LEAs) must ensure that they are meeting their statutory and regulatory obligations in the absence of clear guidance. Our Review of the LCAP Engagement Practices includes a description of legal and professional standards and analyzes the methods and procedures used for collaborating with stakeholders in the development and updating of the LCAP. This review involves the gathering and analysis of documents related to the LCAP engagement and collaboration process, including input session schedules, meeting minutes, other methods of input gathering, public notices, and relevant Governing Board agendas.

Administrative Organization and Efficiency Studies [Top]

SSC staff provides customized studies and recommendations covering sensitive and critical issues of school district administration, business office organization, and procedural efficiencies. Our professional staff has a proven track record in evaluating district organization, workload assignments, procedural efficiencies, and the adequacy of procedures and systems.

 Special Education Facilitated Self-Study [Top]

Creating cost-effective, high-quality special education programs is a concern for virtually every school district in California. The gap between the funding provided to operate programs for students with disabilities and the cost of actually providing services continues to grow. For that reason, a large number of local agencies contract with us each year to conduct special education reviews.  

 Health and Welfare Benefits Review [Top]

The Health and Welfare Benefits Review focuses on:

  • Whether health and welfare benefit budget assumptions reflect the latest information available and take full advantage of savings and performance options
  • Extensive review of copayments, deductibles, and long-term costs
  • Review of employee medical provider selection and an analysis of the plans available from the current medical provider
  • Review of collective bargaining agreement language addressing health and welfare benefits for both active and retired employees
  • Comparison of health and welfare benefit program costs with a selected group of local educational agencies with similar characteristics

Collective Bargaining Contract Risk Analysis [Top]

The Contract Risk Analysis includes ratings in each category and offers findings and recommendations designed to assist your agency in negotiating future successor agreements with your bargaining units. The analysis rates article in the agreement are based on the following categories:

  • Comparability in compensation and other working conditions
  • Board authority and management rights
  • Teaching and learning time (certificated only)
  • Productivity and time-on-task (classified only)

The One-Stop Fiscal Check Up [Top]

This service involves a swift, yet comprehensive and systematic review of your agency's financial condition, with a summary assessment meeting that includes recommendations for improvements in your agency's financial health and practices that support it. During the course of our work, we will note findings and develop recommendations for improvement in practices and policies. This information will be provided as part of a summary meeting at the end of our visit so that you will immediately have an action plan for working with your staff and board to improve and protect your agency's fiscal health.

Fiscal Health Analysis [Top]

SSC staff performs the "Comprehensive Fiscal Health Analysis" to evaluate fiscal strengths and weaknesses in five critical management areas: budgeting, asset management, solvency strategies, personnel financial practices, and revenue control. The final report clearly lists the study results, and is accompanied by graphs and charts.

SSC staff also performs the "Budget Fiscal Health Analysis," which is aimed at validating the current operating budget and examining budget development procedures and monitoring practices.

An added option is to supplement either the Comprehensive or Budget Fiscal Health Analysis with a detailed three-year financial projection.

 School Construction and Facilities [Top]

In response to the need for assistance in completing financial documentation for state-funded school construction projects, school districts and county offices of education, including:

  • Organization of construction accounting systems
  • Facility inventory
  • Facility project close outs

Unification and Territory Transfer Studies [Top] 

From inception to the election polls, SSC staff has experience in guiding school districts through the lengthy state processes for reorganization and making thoughtful decisions on school district boundary changes. SSC staff is also available to perform advocacy and legislative services, as needed, for unique situations.

The following list of project titles represents the array of services provided by the Management Consulting team at School Services of California, Inc.

Unification and Territory Transfer Studies [Top] 

  • Administrative Organization Review
  • Business and Personnel Office Organization Study
  • Cabinet Organization Analysis and Redesign
  • Central Office Staffing Analysis
  • District Centralized Services Study
  • Reorganization Feasibility Study
  • Revenue Limit Calculations for Proposed Unification
  • Salary and Benefits Study/Comparative Analysis
  • Span of Administrative Control Study
  • Superintendent and Cabinet Organization Analysis
  • Territory Transfer Study

Policy and Practices/Efficiency [Top]

  • Business Office Efficiency Study
  • District Centralized Services Study
  • District Fiscal Practices Study
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Risk Analysis

Facility/Construction [Top]

  • Facilities Accounting Review
  • Facilities Inventory

Special Education [Top]

  • Special Education Facilitated Self-Study
  • Special Education Budget Review
  • Special Education Department Efficiency Study
  • Special Education Encroachment Study
  • Special Education Transportation Study

Projections and Planning [Top]

  • Analysis of Long-Range Financial Plan
  • Budget Priority Analysis
  • Budget Reduction Options Study
  • Budget Review and Multiyear Projection
  • Budget Review and Multiyear Projection in Support of District Negotiations
  • Enrollment and Revenue Projections
  • Fiscal Health Analysis—Budget (with Optional Three-Multiyear Projection)
  • Fiscal Health Analysis—Comprehensive (with Optional Three-Multiyear Projection)
  • Three-Year Position Control Analysis and Multiyear Financial Projection


The cost and timeline for consulting services is based on the scope of services provided. If you would like more information about any of our consulting services, please contact us using the information below:

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