40th Annual School Finance and Management Conference

Our annual School Finance and Management Conference has been the centerpiece of school agency financial management and business planning for 40 years. Each year we revise the content, delivery, and supporting materials in order to keep each presentation fresh and informative. This is also the premier networking event for professionals involved in public education.

As with our prior Conferences, this year’s program will focus on the newly adopted State Budget, current management issues, and implementation of current initiatives for public education. Additionally, we have expanded our focus on pending legislation that may be adopted either with the State Budget or later in the legislative session. Major emphasis will be given to the full implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and what that portends for local agencies, as well as the latest updates to our accountability system.

While the Conference will discuss how the State Budget deals with the ongoing economic issues, the primary focus will be on K-12 education programs, along with tips and ideas for making the most of your resources. Additionally, our presenta-tion will discuss forecasts of school funding for future years—a critical factor for multiyear projections and, therefore, budget-year decisions. The Enacted State Budget will put to rest differences in various financial forecasts and clearly define our expectations for the year.

Based upon your feedback, our advice will once again be highlighted throughout the materials so that the information is available to you as a reference when you return to your local agency. As always, we value your time and will again deliver the information in a half-day format. We are also offering the Conference in four locations; we travel more, so you travel less. Sign up today to get your preferred location!

You have the option to download the essential resource materials, as well as the presentation itself, to iPads and other devices. Additionally, we will continue to provide a “board-ready” budget presentation that can easily be tailored to your local agency and used for your own presentations.


The Conference will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m., and will focus on the following topics:

  • California's economy and state tax revenues
  • Proposition 98 funding and its impact on K-12 education funding—and what may change during the year
  • Full implementation of the LCFF and the potential impacts to local agency operations and budgets
  • Pending legislative proposals affecting the future of the LCFF
  • Changes to other funding sources and the specific impact on your school agency
  • Budget, pension, employment, and other reforms
  • Special Education funding, including any proposed state reform, and maintenance of effort
  • Federal policy changes and their impact on California's economy and/or education system
  • Collective bargaining issues and the impasse process
  • Facilities funding, local bonds, and the new requirements for local agencies receiving Proposition 51 bond funds
  • Pending legislation with a significant fiscal or operational impact
  • Our assessment of the progress made toward making the LCFF/Local Control and Accountability Plan work for all California students


"SSC always puts on an informative conference delivered in the most entertaining fashion possible."

"This conference provided a lot of new-to-me relevant-to-my-job information that I really appreciated!"

"Thank you for keeping us informed. What would we do without SSC?"

SSC Clients:

$235 per attendee
$335 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
July 11, 2018   Sacramento Convention Center  
July 12, 2018   Embassy Suites Hotel Garden Grove  
July 16, 2018   San Jose Holiday Inn  
July 17, 2018   Visalia Convention Center  
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