SSC provides information and updates regarding school finance, legislation, and issues affecting operations and management through a variety of publications.

Fiscal Report

The cornerstone of SSC's integrated services, the Fiscal Report, provides timely updates on issues affecting the finances and management of K-12 school districts and county offices of education. This essential resource keeps clients informed of the status and potential ramifications of impending state government actions, both legislative and regulatory, as well as state apportionments, court decisions, elections, and other education-impacting events.

Transmitted over the World Wide Web, and followed by hard-copy versions every two weeks, the Fiscal Report is just one facet of SSC's fiscal service. Clients also receive one-on-one assistance with fiscal, business, and legislative questions. In most cases, quick-query callers receive immediate answers over the phone or via e-mail. If a question requires more research, SSC relies on a broad range of in-house expertise, research materials, and personal contacts for quick follow-up and response.

As part of the Fiscal Report services, SSC clients receive a bank of consulting hours that can be used for selected SSC services. Additionally, clients receive discounted "client rates" on numerous other SSC products, publications, conferences, and workshops.

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Community College Update

A vital resource for community college clients, SSC's biweekly Community College Update series delivers timely and useful information on fiscal and policy issues. The Update features in-depth articles on topics such as the State Budget, Proposition 98 allocations, capital outlay, Lottery estimates, bonds, student fee questions, and much more. The Update contains summaries and analyses of all major legislation that has an impact on community colleges. Clients can receive copies of bills and committee analyses both online and in hard copy.

In addition, the Update tracks actions of the Community College Board of Governors, the State Chancellor's Office, and other state regulatory agencies that affect community colleges.

SSC also provides community colleges with consulting support that is strengthened by a direct link to government policy actions. This assistance is tailored to specific client needs concerning legislative, fiscal, management, and business matters.

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School Funding and Accountability in California—A Guide to School Finance - 2017 Edition
By the School Services of California, Inc., Team

California public school finance started a new era with the introduction of the Local Control Funding Formula for the 2013-14 fiscal year, and everything we thought we knew about our old revenue limit and program-based funding model started to fade into obsolescence. The unfolding story of this transition is newly told in the new 2017 edition of the new book, School Funding and Accountability in California—A Guide to School Finance.

For more than 30 years, School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) has published the definitive guide to California school finance, Revenues and Revenue Limits, and in that tradition SSC now offers a totally revised text incorporating complete information about California's new, ground-breaking funding formula and its companion accountability plan. The 2017 edition of School Funding and Accountability in California—A Guide to School Finance will be an indispensable for anyone needing to understand the way public schools receive their resources, how state support for schools is determined and the linage of that funding with accountability for new and improved services.

Since 1981, SSC's books on school finance have helped tens of thousands of people understand everything from the basics to the intricacies of California's unique school finance system. Detailed enough to be of use to the most experienced readers, yet clear enough for the newcomers to the field, the 2017 edition of School Funding and Accountability in California—A Guide to School Finance will be invaluable to everyone interested in California school finance.


$69.95 per copy, add local sales tax, plus $5.00 shipping and handling per book.

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Revenues and Revenue Limits: A Guide to School Finance in California - 2013 Edition
By the School Services of California, Inc., Team

California’s commitment to fund public education got a boost with voter-approval of  Proposition 30 this past November.  However, this measure merely keeps K-12 funding flat in 2012-13; it does not increase resources to schools as many expect.  The real turnaround in  California school finance will come with an improving economy and a higher priority with the  Legislature and the Governor. This unfolding story is told in the 2013 Edition of Revenues and  Revenue Limits. For more than 30 years, School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) has published Revenues and Revenue Limits, the authoritative guide on California school finance. Each new  edition includes updates on changes to revenue limit, special education, categorical funds, and other state and federal revenue. The 2013 Edition of Revenues and Revenue Limits is a must read if you are interested in getting answers to any of the following questions: 

  • How does California’s support for K-12 education compare to the other 49 states? Has the state fallen further behind the rest of the nation during this Great Recession?
  • What new changes to the implementation of Proposition 98 has the Legislature enacted for 2012-13? What are the consequences for school funding?
  • With the revenue limit deficit factor now exceeding a record 22%, are there other provisions that grant local educational agencies greater flexibility to manage their budgets?
  • The Legislature rejected the Governor’s proposal for a weighted student funding formula for 2012-13, but is this proposal likely to resurface again?
  • How do I explain to my school board and/or community the basics of California school  finance? What just happened with the State Budget? What may come?


$59.95 per copy, plus local sales tax and $5.00 shipping and handling per book.

$49.95 for ten or more books, plus your local sales tax and $3.00 shipping and handling per book.

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Impacting the Legislative Process

By Nancy LaCasse

Impacting the Legislative Process: A Practical Guide for Public School Representatives, written by SSC’s Associate Vice President Nancy M. LaCasse and first published in 1995 and updated in 2001, has assisted numerous school officials in becoming active participants in Sacramento’s legislative decision-making process on K-14 education issues.


$35. per copy, add local sales tax, plus $5.00 shipping and handling per book.

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 Doing More With Less 

A Guide to Effective Resource Management in California K-12 Education
Third Edition

Doing More With Less is a compilation of ideas and strategies to economize and reduce school agency costs from chief business officials, superintendents, personnel administrators, and board members throughout the state.

As local educational agencies in California lead through the most challenging economic crisis since the Great Depression and work to build and sustain quality education systems, the goal of Doing More With Less is to provide ideas on how to effectively expend increasingly limited resources. It is impossible in a guide like this to cover all of the imaginative and creative ideas on how California public education can effectively and appropriately expend its limited resources. While Doing More With Less attempts to capture the essence of some of those ideas, it is hoped that the publication gives heart to creative ideas that would not otherwise be considered. The ideas in this book may seem elementary to some or impossible to accomplish to others, but, in either case, the ideas will stimulate thinking that may lead to more effective management of scarce resources at the local level.

This third edition of Doing More With Less contains dozens of new ideas in an updated easy-to-use format. For the newest to the most experienced educational leader, this guide will be of value. If your district's address is in California, then this guide is a must read.


$59. per copy, add local sales tax, plus $5.00 shipping and handling per book.

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