Special Education: Both Sides of the Equation

About the Workshop

As the number of students with disabilities continues to grow and overall enrollment declines statewide, Special Education costs continue to rise on the natural. State and federal Special Education revenues have long been inadequate and the enrollment squeeze only contributes to a growing General Fund contribution. In light of funding inadequacy, growing compliance demands, and increased expectations for improved student outcomes, there is no room for ineffective resource or program management. Understanding what is driving Special Education costs locally is essential in operating programs for students with disabilities that are legally defensible and that won’t break the bank. With these important issues in mind, the focus of the workshop will be on providing participants with tools and tips to help them support high-quality, cost-effective programs for students with disabilities.  

Workshop Topics:

  • Legal decisions impacting operations
  • Legislative update and hot topics
  • Changing SELPA local plan requirements
    • New funding and expenditure reporting requirements
  • Special Education funding sources and uses
  • Management of the maintenance of effort requirement
  • Special Education cost drivers
  • Accountability, differentiated assistance, and the statewide system of support
  • Least Restrictive Environment expectations and realities

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is a must for staff responsible for effectively managing, funding, and monitoring Special Education programs, as well as principals and instructional leaders working to successfully implement meaningful multi-tiered systems of support.

For Workshop Registration Assistance: Please email Michelle Berge at michelleb@sscal.com

To bring this workshop to your district or county office, please contact Sheila Vickers at (916) 446-7517 or sheilav@sscal.com.

SSC Clients:

$250 per attendee
$350 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
April 24, 2019 Special Education Both Sides of the Equation Yolo County Office of Education  
April 25, 2019 Special Education Both Sides of the Equation Tulare County Office of Education  
April 30, 2019 Special Education Both Sides of the Equation Ventura County Office of Education/Conference & Educational Services Center  
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