SELPA Administrators Workshop

About the Workshop

In an effort to support local educational agencies (LEAs) to meet identified student needs through the Local Control and Accountability (LCAP) process, California has created the System of Support. The System of Support’s aim is to increase the capacity and expertise of agencies required to provide assistance within the system by building capacity, developing expertise, and enhancing existing statutory roles and responsibilities. As a part of the System of Support, the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) System Improvement Leads have partnered with School Services of California, Inc., in the development of this workshop. The workshop is designed to facilitate an understanding of how to appropriately include goals for students with disabilities (SWDs) in the district’s LCAP.

Workshop Topics:

  • An overview of the SELPA System Improvement Leads objectives
  • Understanding LCAP requirements related to SWDs as a significant subgroup
  • Using data to drive the identification of student needs and development of LCAP goals, actions, and services
  • LCAP best practices related to SWDs and lessons from the field
  • Leveraging resources, including the appropriate use of supplemental and concentration grant dollars

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be interactive and par-ticipants will work in small groups to review and analyze sample student data and draft LCAP goals, actions, and services as well as identify appropriate funding sources. SELPA Administrators are encouraged to attend.

There is no cost for SELPA Administrators to register for this workshop.

Presented by:

SELPA System Improvement Leads

Jacque Williams, Assistant Superintendent, West San Gabriel Valley SELPA
Leah Davis, Executive Director, Riverside County SELPA
Tamara Clay, Director, El Dorado County SELPA

School Services of California, Inc.

Debbie Fry, Associate Vice President
Suzanne Speck, Vice President

Lunch will be provided at the conclusion of the workshop.

Registration Deadline: May 24, 2019

$0 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
June 05, 2019   DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Downtown San Diego  
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