Advanced Collective Bargaining Workshop

About the Workshop

Collective bargaining in the post-recession, post-PEPRA1, LCFF2/LCAP3, and post-Janus decision environment is, if not challenging, complex. In the best of times, there is no guarantee that settlements will come swiftly or that they are sure to align with the financial capability and program goals of the local educational agency (LEA). In difficult times, negotiations are often protracted and ripe with conflict. In the best and worst of times, management negotiators must be knowledgeable and skillful.

There are two levels of knowledge involved in the negotiations process. First, there are fundamental aspects of preparing for negotiations, the legal aspects of the process, and impasse procedures, etc., which are covered in our Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations workshop offered in person and online.

The second level involves practical applications, negotiating strategies, constructing and presenting proposals and counter proposals, and dealing with “real-life” problems for the current contract. This advanced workshop addresses those issues and many more.

Workshop Topics

We will address core issues surrounding the collective bargaining agreement as well as how to negotiate in a strategic fashion to better position your LEA as the economic and fiscal recovery slows down. Topics to be covered include:

  • The current economic and political environment and its impact on labor relations and bargaining
  • Development of bargaining metrics
  • The components of an effective bargaining team
  • The building blocks of strong labor relations
  • Developing your agency's bargaining strategy and approach
  • Working with the Board to develop bargaining parameters and goals
  • What to expect if you find yourself at an impasse
  • Communicating with your stakeholders
  • The use of social media and bargaining
This is intended as an interactive workshop and will provide attendees with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss local bargaining challenges, and review impasse case studies.
Who Should Attend?
This workshop is for the management side of the table only—if you are going to be involved in negotiations on the management side of the table this year, you need this workshop. This workshop is a “must attend” if you are responsible for the preparation of financial information, proposal development, or at the table for negotiations. We encourage you to bring your entire negotiations team.
1 Public Employees' Pension Reform Act
2 Local Control Funding Formula
3 Local Control and Accountability Plan
Presented by
Danyel Conolley, Director, Management Consulting Services
John Gray, President
Suzanne Speck, Vice President
SSC Clients:

$250 per attendee
$350 per attendee

Program Begins:
Program Ends:
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
12:00 PM

Dates and Locations
October 08, 2019   Yolo County Office of Education  
October 09, 2019   Santa Clara County Office of Education  
October 15, 2019   Tulare County Office of Education  
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