New School Funding Initiative Submitted for Title and Summary
A new initiative, titled the Full and Fair Funding: the Public School Progress, Prosperity and Accountability Act of 2020, was submitted for title and summary by the Attorney General on Monday, October 14, 2019. This is the first step before the proposal can be decided by voters at the November 2020...
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Governor's Budget Workshop
January 2020

The State Budget is a document of policy, priorities, and competition for resources. And while the 2020–21 State Budget will be Governor Gavin Newsom’s second opportunity to demonstrate his education priorities, it is his first with sufficient planning time to unveil significant changes. As a first-year Governor, Newsom had a compressed timeline for the 2019–20 proposed State Budget; this year will be different, and we expect noteworthy proposals in special education funding, computer science, and potentially much more. We will also see whether Governor Newsom plans to continue minimally funding the Local Control Funding Formula or make progress towards more adequate targets.

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Including Students With Disabilities in the Accountability and Continuous Improvement System
Fall 2019

In an effort to support local educational agencies to meet identified student needs through the Local Control and Accountability (LCAP) process, California has created the System of Support. The System of Support’s aim is to increase the capacity and expertise of agencies required to provide assistance within the system by building capacity, developing expertise, and enhancing existing statutory roles and responsibilities. As a part of the System of Support, the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) System Improvement Leads have partnered with School Services of California, Inc., in the development of this workshop. The workshop is designed to facilitate an understanding of how to appropriately include goals for students with disabilities in the district’s LCAP.

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Unraveling the Mystery of School Finance Workshop
October 2019

Educational leaders in California have an opportunity to leverage our state funding for the programs and services that we value the most at the local level. The supplemental and concentration grant funds can
have broad application to support our children with the greatest needs. And, after several years of significant funding increases, today’s decisions are even more critical as revenues are beginning to flatten and resources for ongoing programs are likely to become more scarce.

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Local Control Funding Formula Workshop
November 2019

We are in an environment of continuing change, with the full implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and recent developments in our accountability system. In light of regulatory requirements and in concert with our Local Control and Accountability Plan, how do we ensure that we are appropriately calculating and managing our LCFF revenues, and how does full implementation of the LCFF affect our operations?

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Associated Student Body

NOTE: As of May 2017 the content of this workshop has been verified as current (we periodically review our online workshops to ensure relevancy and applicability to current requirements and practices).

The number one area for findings in an audit report are those in the area of Associated Student Body (ASB). It is critical that district- and site-level staff receive training in this area on a regular basis to ensure that the district, as well as the employees, are being protected.

This online format will allow school agencies to build capacity within their organizations by expanding the number of employees that receive training who are involved in the handling of ASB funds.

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Fiscal Solvency for School Districts

School Services of California, Inc. and the Fiscal Crisis and Management Team (FCMAT) have teamed up to provide a free online workshop on fiscal solvency.

Hear from Mike Fine, John Gray, and Matt Phillips as they discuss the various aspects of district financial management including:

  • Multiyear planning
  • Negotiations
  • Cash management
  • Other budgetary challenges facing school districts today


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Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations

As many districts struggle with time and budget constraints, School Services of California, Inc., (SSC) has made a commitment to provide some of its foundational workshops through various modes of delivery.  SSC hopes to make these workshops more accessible and meet the varying needs of school districts across California. As such, the “Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations” workshop is now available in both a face-to-face format and as an online offering.

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Charter Schools—A Three-Part Series

Local educational agencies must be aware of their obligations under current law and develop appropriate policies and procedures. Both charter schools and traditional school agencies need to be familiar with the processes, requirements, and timelines for charter school petition submittal and approval; as well as, ongoing operations and oversight.

SSC recently held a three-part online series to help local educational agencies meet their oversight responsibilities, evaluate new and renewal petitions for charter schools, and understand the ways charter schools can access facilities. For employees charged with the review of charter petitions, oversight of charter schools, or those working with charter schools wishing to access district facilities under Proposition 39 (2000), the webinars provided a wealth of information.

SSC is now making the three, prerecorded webinars (with additional resources) available to watch on demand through March 1, 2020.

  • Charter School Petitions 101
  • Tips, Tricks and Tools for Charter School Oversight
  • Charter Schools and Facilities


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